Recruiting Partime Book Readers

Recruiting Partime Book Readers
Do you like reading? Do you like sharing? Are you looking for a chance to share your voice to more people?
Here! We are recruiting book-lovers.

This is a partime job which can be done from home. Reading and recording it into audio, great returns are waiting for you!

1. Native American speaker is preferred, as our market is for North America.
2. Speak fluently, clearly. Sound beautiful and magnetic. Have experience in reading or broadcasting or Podcast is preferred.
3. Read widely and able to understand the characters well.
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and work ethic. Able to complete the Audio tasks with good quality in time.
5. Have free time, able to accept new audio tasks and able to cooperate in a long term.

If you’re interested, you can write an E-mail to introduce yourself. We also need a two-minute voice sample. We will contact you as soon as possible.